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Who We Are

Sustained Intelligence Inc. has one of the most comprehensive mining operations in the state of Florida. We have explored the ins and outs of mining on ASICs, CPUs, and GPUs. We started with a few GPUs in our gaming computers mining Ethereum and evolved to open air rigs, custom shelving built units, application-specific server blades, and finally, air-cooled server cases. We’ve also had to deal with the Florida heat, so we have expertise in cooling your mining equipment.  Whether you want to improve air-cooling or implement single-phase, liquid immersion cooling, we can help.

Our goal is simple, we want to share what we have learned during this process and provide reliable mining solutions with the best equipment money can buy.

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Our Mission

As we search for the pinnacle of mining operations, seeking the most efficient combinations of energy consumption, computing power, and coin selection, we want to share what we have learned and expand accessibility to the state-of-the-art equipment that got us here.

Core Values


We have tried numerous miners and accessories and have partnered with the vendors which have provided us the best experience in our own mining operation. We sell the highest-quality mining equipment with an eye for ease of use and flexibility.


We learned by doing. From open air GPU rigs to container housed ASICs, we have fought the battles. As a Florida based company, we can take the heat. We are familiar with the day-to-day challenges of keeping miners running and only endorse equipment that meets our rigorous standards.


If GPU mining is your passion, we have spent the last few months preparing for Ethereum’s conversion to proof-of-stake and have identified the most flexible equipment to support the many remaining proof-of-work crypto algorithms. Our equipment will provide you with flexibility to navigate the post Ethereum mining landscape.

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