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Complete mining solutions provider based out of the US


mining equipment

Tested to meet our

rigorous standards

Flexibility to navigate the post Ethereum mining landscape


What We Offer

What We Offer

Sustained Intelligence Inc. has one of the most comprehensive mining operations in the state of Florida. We have explored the ins and outs of mining on ASICs, CPUs, and GPUs. We started with a few GPUs in our gaming computers mining Ethereum and evolved to open air rigs, custom shelving built units, application-specific server blades, and finally, air-cooled server cases. We’ve also had to deal with the Florida heat, so we have expertise in cooling your mining equipment.  Whether you want to improve air-cooling or implement single-phase, liquid immersion cooling, we can help.

Our goal is simple, we want to share what we have learned during this process and provide reliable mining solutions with the best equipment money can buy.

Customer-First Approach

We’re miners first and know the pain points of building your operation. We can help.

Durable, High Quality Products

We have gone through the pain of sourcing every component to build your mining operation. We can save you time and money.

We’ve Walked In Your Shoes

Need to know how your new miners will impact your operation and what you need to consider getting started. We can help you develop an action plan.

Hands-On Experience

While our current staples are Ethereum and Bitcoin, we continue to explore the mining space and techniques for mining a diverse set of altcoins.

Why Choose Sustained Intelligence?

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